AED Business Challenge

The AED Business Challenge


What is the AED Business Challenge?

The AED Business Challenge is an exciting and impactful initiative by the Peyton Walker Foundation to raise awareness about sudden cardiac arrest and the importance of having Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) readily available. Join us in our mission to save lives and educate the community about the critical role AEDs play in emergency situations.

How to Participate in the AED Challenge:

  1. Record Your Video: Create a short video of yourself explaining the importance of AEDs and how they can save lives. Demonstrate how to use an AED if possible, or share a personal story or statistic related to sudden cardiac arrest. If accepting a challenge, thank the business that challenged you.
  2. Challenge Another Business: At the end of your video, challenge another business to take part in the AED Business Challenge. Tag them in your video and encourage them to continue spreading the message.
  3. Post on Social Media: Share your video on social media platforms using the hashtag #AEDChallenge and tag the Peyton Walker Foundation. Be sure to include a link to our donation page so viewers can contribute to our cause.
  4. Donate: Encourage participants and viewers to donate to the Peyton Walker Foundation to support our efforts in providing AEDs to schools, youth sports teams, other non-profits, and public areas.

Why Take the AED Challenge?

  • Raise Awareness: Help educate others about the importance of AEDs and how they can make a difference in saving lives during cardiac emergencies.
  • Support a Worthy Cause: Your participation and donations will directly contribute to the Peyton Walker Foundation’s mission of increasing AED accessibility and training in communities.
  • Make a Difference: By spreading the word and encouraging others to get involved, you are playing a crucial role in creating safer environments for everyone.

Join the AED Challenge Today!

Take the AED Challenge and become part of a life-saving movement. Together, we can make a significant impact and help prevent sudden cardiac arrest from claiming more lives. Contact us for assistance in obtaining a low-cost AED, protect your workplace, and join us in our mission to check hearts, protect hearts, and save lives!

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