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Cardiac Arrest Emergency Response Plans

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is the leading cause of death on school campuses, and the #1 killer of student athletes. That’s why it’s critical for your school to have a written and well-practiced Cardiac Emergency Response Plan (CERP). Created by a nation task force of health and safety organizations, a CERP is a vital step towards sudden cardiac death prevention.

This toolkit can be easily adapted for a sport facility, after-school club, camp and other places youth congregate.  

A simple example below that you can use to create your own.  


AED Donation Requests

Please Note:
Priority is given to non-profit organizations that serve children, youth groups and student athletes. Our donation area targets the geographic region of Central Pennsylvania.  Central Pennsylvania consists of the following counties:  Adams, Berks, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry, York.  Unfortunately, we are unable to donate outside of those counties. 

The value of the AED package is over $2,200.  There is a cost share for organizations receiving an AED.  The cost share is typically $350.00.  Before submitting your request, please confirm that your organization has the funds available to pay this fee and can meet the Foundation’s Terms and Conditions.

​Terms and Conditions
1. Pay the cost share of $350 upon receipt of the AED.
2. Register the AED with the manufacturer & with Local EMS.
3. Inform The Peyton Walker Foundation when your contact person changes.
4. Assure the AED will be accessible, properly stored and maintained.
(Current replacement costs: Battery – $395; Adult pads – $69; Pediatric pads – $102)
5. Assure staff will be trained and cardiac response plan will be in place. Cardiac Response Plan ideas: Project ADAM/Heart Safe Schools
6. Promote the donation and The Peyton Walker Foundation through social media, newsletter, etc.
7. Inform The Peyton Walker Foundation if the AED was used in an emergency.
8. This donation is only for the organization requesting the AED. If your organization disbands, we request that you promptly return the AED unit to The Peyton Walker Foundation.

If you are interested in requesting an AED donation for your facility, please complete the AED Grant Application (link below).  Submit your completed AED Grant Application along with organization’s 501c3 approval letter for consideration.

​Please Note:
The AED Donation Committee will review requests quarterly (March 31, June 30, September 30, December 15). We will contact you if we need additional information or clarification. 


New or Refurbished AED  Program

For every AED purchased through this program, MME is donating $50 [Refurb] or $100 [New] to the Peyton Walker Foundation. Our AEDs are manufacturer-supported, come rescue-ready, include a 5-Year Warranty, and are equipped with pads, battery and case.


Zoll Powerheart Partnership

ZOLL has partnered with The Foundation to offer special pricing on their Powerheart G5 device.  Your organization can save significantly on this device using the order form below.

Our generous partners at Americhoice Federal Credit Union have offered to replace any batteries or pads for organizations that have received an AED through the AED Donation Program.  To request your replacement part, simply click the Request Replacement Parts button.

AED Donations: Saving Lives Partnership Program

AEDs Save Lives – It’s That Simple

According to Parent Heart Watch, “Most occurrences of SCA in youth occur in public places.  The increased availability of publicly accessible Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in schools and school-sponsored athletic events will dramatically increase the probability that youth will survive SCA.”

​Evidence shows that schools with AEDs and an emergency action plan have a survival rate of up to 64% (versus the national average of a mere 8%).  – Parent Heart Watch

To date, The Peyton Walker Foundation has donated over 150 AEDs to schoolsathletic organizationsnonprofit public venues and other organizations that meet our criteria.


Make Your AED Accessible To Your Neighbors!

​If your organization/school will not be meeting or in session, please make your AEDs accessible and available to the community in case of a cardiac emergency.  If possible, bring the AED home and communicate to your neighbors that the AED is available in case of a cardiac emergency.

Also, we recommend contacting your local police and fire station to inform them of the address of where the AED is located. Please consider doing this for all the AEDs you have access to and spread them throughout your communities!

Additional training can be found on

Thank you for helping us to protect hearts and save lives!

Recent Donations

 ​Red Land High School

Trinity High School

Dallastown High School

Lancaster Country Day

West Perry School District

Berks Catholic School District

Boiling Springs High School

Colonial Park UCC

South Mountain YMCA Camps

Yellow Breeches Ed Center


East Penn Socer Club

Friendship YMCA

Lebanon Co Firefighters Assoc

Middletown Youth Club

Red Land Midget Football

Baresville Athletic Assoc

Capial Area Soccer Assoc

Chambersburg Youth Football & Cheer

Fuzzy Few

Millersburg Senior Center



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