The Wiz Kid

​”Wiz” is a 4 sport student-athlete.  He plays soccer, basketball and track and is also a 2-time national speed skating champion. Wiz is the picture of health.  He is strong and physically fit. Looking at Wiz – you can’t you tell that he has a serious heart condition.

Wiz’s condition would never have been discovered without a simple EKG test that was provided at a free Heart Screening hosted by The Peyton Walker Foundation.

Wiz’s EKG revealed that he had Left Ventricular Hypertrophy with Non-Compaction, and he is now under the care of a team of cardiologists.

Says Wiz, “I would like to thank the Peyton Walker Foundation and all the volunteers who provided me with lifesaving information about my heart. You just may have saved another family from suffering the loss of a special person like Peyton.”

“Our children are the most precious gift. To lose a child would be heartbreaking. While learning my son had a heart condition was shocking, finding out saved his life.  You have saved another family from heartbreak. Thank you,” says Deneen, Wiz’s mom.


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