Saving Lives Dillsburg Little League

by | Apr 17, 2021

Today was incredibly rewarding, emotional and joy-filled. We joined Erica whose life was saved by one of our donated AEDs and honored a special #HeartHero Sue Bruce during Dillsburg Little League’s Opening Day. In 2019, Sue saved Erica’s life during a baseball game.
Julie B Walker, Foundation Executive Director and Peyton’s Mom points out that, “Every second counts, especially with less than 10 minutes to save a life. We need the public to feel confident to take action in an emergency and are grateful that Sue Bruce did just that when a player’s Mom collapsed during an East Penn v. Dillsburg Little League game. We know that being trained and having access to
AEDs can mean the difference between life and death and are working hard to donate as many as possible throughout the region. We are so grateful that this young player still has his beautiful mom today, thanks to Sue, Coach Matt Pearson, one of our donated AEDs, and the emergency responders.”
#TheBeatGoesOn #SavingLives



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